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Benefits of Medicare Audits

When it comes to Medicare audits, no service provider in the industry can claim it’s just a routine exercise. When several claims are made to your institution, you can expect an audit coming your way. However, audits that will not stem from the suspicion of engaging in any wrongful doing should not be treated like they don’t matter; you need to accord them equal importance as those that could affect the future of your practice. You as the service provider need to give this matter the attention that it deserves. There are cases that could be extremely serious especially where you receive subpoenas; it is advisable that you get in contact with a health lawyer with some good experience in the field.

Even in what you would consider as a routine audit, there are consequences expected should something fail to check out. To be covered, consider having the services of a health lawyer. In addition to that, there are professionals that can help you train you and your staff to help you handle the audits. The training sessions that you will be subjected to by a good professional will be all rounded. The mocks can be very tough and even take you to places you would never have expected. Together with the professionals, you can cover any loopholes that could be in there. In addition that the following are some actions, you could take to help with the whole process.

Start by taking all requests from Medicare with the urgency and importance they deserve. If possible, avoid the delegation of this duty to anyone, attend to them personally. When presented with an audit letter, take your time in reading it so that you are able to offer all the information that has been requested. Have the invoices and the purchase orders that have been reimbursed ready and in the right order to make the audit process smooth. If you have other documents that are supportive of the documents on services that have been requested for audit, they might come in handy. Prepare them earlier in advance

The documents and their copes need to be as legible as possible. If you have noticed the copies as not usable due to their illegibility, consider correcting that as the process counts on the clarity. You cannot afford for there to be any confusion in the audit process. If some of your services will have the taking of X rays from patients or any other form of diagnosis study. It should be presented with other records of that patient. If the information is in digital records, use the different kinds of medium available to presents the data.

Any practitioner needs to resist any urge to make alterations to the records before the audit has taken place. If you have some purchase orders and other records relevant to the audit that have not been filed yet, you can take care of that. If there is any unusual activity that had to be taken in treating a patient, there should be explanation accounts in proper literature to help the auditors understand.

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