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Top Tips to Help You Prepare for an Opportunity Classes Test

New South Wales’ two-year opportunity class placement program in Australia is designed to give excellent Year 5 and Year 6 schoolchildren in Australia a chance to learn with other students like them. Opportunity classes are conducted in about 78 government-supported schools everywhere in NSW. The program’s primary goal is to create an intellectual and innovative educational backdrop for some of the Australian state’s academic cream of the crop.

During the month of July every year, the Australian Council of Education and Research (ACER) prepares as well as administers the exam. But because of the competitiveness of the test, parents are encouraged to take solid steps to prepare their children.

Starting Reading Habits

According to those who have taken the opportunity class test, the items or questions are of diverse difficulty levels. Reading is a student’s best weapon when answering tricky questions. Thus, it would be helpful for parents to sign their kids up for a reading program, which can definitely help improve comprehension.

Tutoring for Opportunity Class Takers

Consistency is the secret when it comes to passing the opportunity class exam. This is why test-specific tutoring is a must – students can answer practice questions regularly and develop reading habits under the supervision of a teacher who has direct program experience and can thus share techniques known only to insiders. When possible, it’s better to go for personalized over group tutoring, considering that reception differs from one learner to another.

Solid Academic Background

Obviously, it will be easier for students to pass the opportunity class test if they have strong fundamentals in Math (basic arithmetic, geometry, and graphs), Reading (comprehension) and general aptitude (detecting patterns, relationships and sequences). Hence, parents should begin preparing right from their children’s initial school years instead of cramming as the children reach Year 4.

Based on their previous school performance, it is not difficult to determine the extent of practice a student needs to make it to the opportunity class program out of almost 1000 other candidates who usually turn up for the test each year.

Practice Tests

Examinees must finish the test in one hour, divided equally between the two sections of the test. This means that students do not only have to give correct answers but should also be quick in doing so. A good way to meet this requirement is by taking practice tests on a regular basis, especially on Math, which tends to cause the most anxiety among test takers. With one-hour tests daily, consistency can be built and this anxiety can be controlled, if not eliminated by the time of the actual test. Furthermore, the NSW Department of Education gives out sample OC placement tests that future examinees can study to know how these tests are usually formulated.
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