Travelers Who Love Fashion Will Love Bandung

If you have time to visit Jakarta, make a detour to Bandung once you already finish your business in the capital city, you will appreciate it, moreover if you are fashion shoppers, no need for you to spend days, in case that you have no much time, since both cities are not that far. Bandung Indonesia factory outlets are popular with latest fashion ware with competitive price. And you know what? Many Jakarta residents will make their time to visit Bandung to purchase the latest trends of apparels. The factory outlets in Bandung are spread around along Riau, Dago, Setiabudi, and also Cihampelas.

Fans of leather goods will be spoiled with wide array of leather goods, such as, shoes and bags. The best thing of it is that, the price is within your reach. Don’t underestimate the local brand like Cibaduyut when it comes to leather shoes and other leather goods. After you finish shopping or while you are looking for the best spot to shop, around the street you will find many food stalls that offer you tasty snacks which you can eat on road or you can bring them home as gift for your family or friends.

Exploring Bandung is not that daunting. First, the city is not that huge, and second, you have some options for transportation. Public transportation is easy to find in Bandung, too, when it comes to taxi, however, the best way to reach any corner of the city is by renting car. If you are coming to Bandung from Jakarta, plane is one within other options. This is perfect if you want to save time. Train is what to consider next, though it takes some time, but it’s worth it, asking why? Through the glass windows, the beautiful scenery will be your companion.

And the last option is traveling there by car. It takes approximately two hours to finally get into the city thanks to Cipularang toll road. Find the factory outlets, it is not that difficult as well. Aside from its factory outlets, Bandung is famous with its culinary for both traditional and international. As the hub of creativity and learning, many great things you will discover over there. In short, spend even a day of your vacation in Bandung, in case that you are nearby, you won’t regret it, and in most cases, you want to come back to the city.